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Re: [APD] Whining

I cannot see the word wrap since I do not pick off the post from the Actwin site, rather, I see it in my email digest ___as wrapped__. You can copy and paste it into another program yourself, if the hassle is too much, simply  wait the 12 hours to get the APD digest emailed, mine came wrapped so I have no issue with anyone's word wrapping or lack thereof.
So there are ways to avoid this grievous heinous crime I haft committed before the eyes of the Lord.
I could say things to other posters about word wrap over the years but I figure I can copy and pastes it just as easy as whining about it.
Sorry, the rudeness in not using word wrap is not obvious in all cases and it's assumptive to assume otherwise about someone else. Perhaps someone might assume and judge you by the same standard?
Fortunately I do give a hoot about that.  
Now if you had something to say about Fe, phytosiderophores, metal Chelators and complexes, red coloration is plants, then say so, otherwise __I don't give a hoot__.
Folks can get it wrapped a number of ways without dealing without saying anything to someone. Yep, I'll see about the settings and try the notepad version here. 

Tom Barr 


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