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[APD] Crossing the bridge...

I have just been informed that I live in a "black hole" for aquatic 
in my part of Ontario.  lol

Thanks for the invite Berne.  Do you have any experience with crossing 
border with plants??


I'm not totally familiar with the current standing of moving live 
plants across the boarder - used to ship up that way, but that was 
before a lot fo the current rules and regs went into place.  I know its 
much harder to get them into the states than vice-versa, but i would 
advise you to do some checking with your local regulations just to make 
sure you're in the clear before ya head on over.  I would feel bad if 
ya came across and got your cuttings, only to have them nibbed by 
customs coming back home.

mushy plants received two weeks later are no fun :(

anyone who knows more willing to share with us?


-Berne Kairunas
Aquatic Plant Specialist
Choice Aquariums Sales Team

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