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Re: [APD] Fertilizer dosing pump

A wiper motor would have a heck of a lot more torque than
one could possibly need for pumping ferts. One would need a
very sturdy holder. Try holding one in your hands and
turning it on/off; it will fly right out of your grasp.

While there a wide variety of metering pumps are available
-- generally for lab, medical, or industrial applications
-- they usually cost several hundred dollars.

A terribly simple solution would be drip bottle, although
the dosing would not be anywhere near as precise as with a
peristoltic pump.

However, if your ferts are all in solution, a measuring
bottle -- like the ones that Tropica Master Grow comes in
-- can make it extremely easy to manually dose:



Good luck, good fun,
Scott H.
--- Nicolas Munro <nmunro at qld_yokogawa.com.au> wrote:

> after a quick look couldn't find a fert pump on the eheim
> website? can 
> you send a link.
> presumable (not knowing what your talking about) you
> could use a DIY 
> window wiper washer liquid motor, its either 6V or 12V??
> =Nick
> Paul Byham wrote:
> >Does anyone know of a battery operated fertilizer dosing
> pump other than the one made by Eheim?
> >
> >Paul
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