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[APD] How long can plants be unplanted

I'm getting married in a couple of weeks - and moving.  However, the
possession date of my new place is while I'm on my honeymoon.  The interim
plan is to set up the new tank - barebones - at the in-laws.  I just want to
have the tank bare bottom, for now.
It'll be a 55 gal w/ a moderate fish load (a discus, 5 Bolivian rams, 2 SAE,
3 Corys, 50 Cardinals, some shrimp), and I just want to leave the plants
floating in there while I'm gone.  No CO2, no ferts, no WC, just 80W of NO
fl.lighting.  Just, "Feed the fish this much once per day".  I'm thinking
this will be fine for both plants and fish.  The plant load should be almost
enough to fully plant it when it's set up (combining plants from 29 gal & 35
I don't see any problems, but I may be over looking something, or there may
be something I haven't thought of.  Any suggestions?



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