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Re: [APD] Book List

> As for terry's book, I haven't read it, but considering his history and
> the book's title, it sounds like the perfect book for a lfs since the
> main goal for a book there is to keep new people to the hobby from
> killing stuff; be it plants or fish.

 My suggestion for a beginner book is the 10 page book that Barr hasn't 
written yet. It doesn't take a lot of space to tell people how to grow 
plants and what they require. I read Walstad's book and most of the others 
mentioned but the source I refer to when things aren't working well is a 5 
paragraph email I got from Tom about a week after posting to this list, and 
one of Tom's posts on a forum on his website. I saved a couple hundred 
dollars when setting up each tank after the first one because of the 
information there: no special substrates, lights that are too intense or 
expensive fertilizers.
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