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Re: [APD] Book List

I second the suggestion of Diana Walstad's book. It was the first thing I read that not only admitted that growing aquatic plants could be complicated or confusing, but actually made an effort to explain in a psuedo scientific manner what was going on and how to control it. I don't really use her method much either, but there is a lot in her book to get the beginner started in the right direction when everyone else consistently tells you conflicting information. The effort to look at scientific research and data to get facts, instead of regurgitating anecdotal evidence and myths as fact was significantly different from any other book that I knew of then and now.

Of course I'll be the first to admit, her book isn't perfect. Mostly, its based on her own experiences. And there is a fair amount of "this is what worked for me" kind of stuff, but its stated as such... and besides, nobody has the time to really answer the many questions we have in a complete manner. Even Barr has to occasionally resort to the "what works for me" arguement. ;]

But for me, it definately marked the change from me throwing plants in the tank, watching some die, a few live, some live-- then die .. to actually starting to have an idea what I may be doing wrong. Of course, soon after I got the book and read it, I also did a google on her name and found this list, so that certainly helped.

As for terry's book, I haven't read it, but considering his history and the book's title, it sounds like the perfect book for a lfs since the main goal for a book there is to keep new people to the hobby from killing stuff; be it plants or fish.

-derek parr

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