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[APD] Custom Sealife Britelite

Hi there ... haven't been here in a long while! I recognize a few names :-)
nice to see you.

I was wondering whether anyone here has had problems with the Britelite
burning out (about 5 years old). Took it apart, and tried supplying power
directly to the ballast to rule out wiring/etc ... I'm assuming it has to be
the ballast (obviously I know it's not the lamp ;-).  The company is out of
business :-( and so I was looking for replacement ballasts (it's the 65
watt)... thought I'd check in here and see if anyone else had a similar
problem. Seems a shame to ditch the entire light strip for one ballast. Or,
if someone else has half working, maybe they'd like to sell half ;-)
Actually the strip itself is rusting and corroding on the side with the
filter output (wet spray/humidity) and I'm thinking of removing it and
putting it it in a home-made hood ... I had it sitting directly on the tank
with clamps on each side, front and back to prop it on the edge. Not a good

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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