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[APD] ich treatment with heat

Due to the fact that I currently have hundreds of unread digests, I missed
the beginnings of this but you can wipe ich out without chemicals.  

Several years ago, I got it in my main tank.  I raised the temperature to
86, there were discus in there so this wasn't a major change.  A powerhead
near the surface combined with lowering the water level allowed the Eheim
return to create some turbulence which helped provide additional oxygen.
Hanging a UV on the tank was the key though I think.  The heat speeded up
the lifecycle and the UV grabbed and fried everything suspended in the water
column. I stirred up the substrate, as much as you can with cables, during
water changes just for fun.   It fixed my tank up in no time.  I have never
had another problem in there.  

A year or so later I was careless, with regards to temperature, while doing
a water change on my daughter's tank or maybe it was the new cardinals...
Anyway, I used the heat/UV on her tank as well and it worked just like

Good luck.

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