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[APD] Play sand

I've been wanting to replace the large gravel in my biggest tank and read a while back that play sand was a good plant base. I bought a couple of 50 pound bags today at Lowes. Any thing I should do about rinsing it (hints how?), and/or soaking it first? I am thinking of removing the gravel in sections and replacing it with sand. The front half of the tank (44 gal. corner tank) has onyx sand and the clay plant base stuff which name escapes me at the moment.. mixed with the gravel.
The tank is setup, has a bunch of swordtails, few corries, ottos, and pleco, and a couple clown loaches who spend most of their time in the hollow of the drift wood. I'm sure the corries and pleco will like the change from gravel to sand. I've had trouble with the Pleco digging the sand out of planters to hid in..
Plants, I have 10 Narrow-Leaf Dwarf Subulata along the front of the glass, an Amazon Sword, a Needle Leaf Lud and a mystery plant in 3 small planting rocks, some floating Anacharis and Hornwort. This along with a good size piece of drift wood take up most of the bottom of the tank.
Any advice on replacing existing gravel with sand and any cautions I should be aware of? I expect the plants, corries and pleco will do better. The current gravel has such large spaces between them the swordtail fry hid in it.. Needless to say this is a major trap for food and debris.

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