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Re: [APD] paintball CO2 for a mini tank

Berne Kairunas wrote:
My big concern about using paintball cylanders for plant tank injection is they use a light machine oil in that co2 mix to keep your 'marker' (gun if you will) lubed during operation. I would worry about this oil being passed onto the aquarium and causing us all kinds of grief.

Im not trying to say that it cant be done - i'm sure a quality bubble counter would filter this small ammount of oil outa the system.

i dont have any hard data to back this up, Just my $0.02 USD.

interesting point.
But, I've been using this for 6 months now and have not noticed any petroleum film or anything... nor any unexpected fish kills. Plants grow well..
But here is a theory on why this may not be a problem for my tank. First of all is the fact that the tank takes about 5 months to empty. Also, I presume that perhaps the plantlife and/or bacterial life breaks down what little oil is there? It wouldn't have to do much.. not over that long of a time and on so little oil that it can't be seen.

Does that make since?

As for the bubble counter... This project had 2 goals for me. One is the price ($60-$70). Much less than a larger system. And the fact it was/is the perfect size for my 5 gallon. Adding extra gear increases the over all size of the system much more than it would if you were adding the same gear to a larger 5lb or bigger system. I don't want it to dwarf the tank.

thanks again for the input.  Certainly worth adding it to the article.

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