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RE: [APD] paintball CO2 for a mini tank

It's been a long time since I've been in the industry, but using
bacteria to break down oils is a common method of dealing with them, to
the extent that many large trucking companies with large service bays
often have oil treatment facilities that use the bacteria to break down
the oil to something "Less toxic".

It is possible that these bacteria are airborne and could find their way
into your tank. It is also possible that the slow release is just not
noticeable; especially assuming you do water changes.

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Berne Kairunas wrote:
> My big concern about using paintball cylanders for plant tank 
> injection is they use a light machine oil in that co2 mix to keep 
> your 'marker' (gun if you will) lubed during operation.  I would worry

> about this oil being passed onto the aquarium and causing us all kinds

> of grief.  
> Im not trying to say that it cant be done - i'm sure a quality bubble 
> counter would filter this small ammount of oil outa the system.
> i dont have any hard data to back this up, Just my $0.02 USD.

interesting point.
But, I've been using this for 6 months now and have not noticed any 
petroleum film or anything... nor any unexpected fish kills.  Plants 
grow well..
But here is a theory on why this may not be a problem for my tank. 
First of all is the fact that the tank takes about 5 months to empty. 
Also, I presume that perhaps the plantlife and/or bacterial life breaks 
down what little oil is there?  It wouldn't have to do much..  not over 
that long of a time and on so little oil that it can't be seen.

Does that make since?

As for the bubble counter...   This project had 2 goals for me.  One is 
the price ($60-$70).  Much less than a larger system.  And the fact it 
was/is the perfect size for my 5 gallon.  Adding extra gear increases 
the over all size of the system much more than it would if you were 
adding the same gear to a larger 5lb or bigger system.  I don't want it 
to dwarf the tank.

thanks again for the input.  Certainly worth adding it to the article.

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