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Re: [APD] Lighting

I have nothing to offer but opinion:

I believe that, generally, when a flo bulb spec gives a
very long rating for maintaining a rated output, the rated
output for for the output after x hours of burn-in. The
longer a bulb burns, the slower it's dimming increases. So
if you rate a bulb for output at say 200 hours or so, the
diming from that value will be pretty gradual. So, in
considering these things (which isn't particularly useful
for aquatic gardening but intersting to some of us
noenthelss, it's nice to know whether the rated output is
initial output or after x hours of burn time. For
longevity, it's good to know what on/off cycling is
assumed. Some manufacturers assume 6 hour cycling, some 3
hours, some assume 8 hours per 24 hours, some might assume
no cycling at all, although I haven't actually seen that.

Cycling is harder on flo bulbs than burning them for
several hours -- frequent cycling shortens life, lots of
burn time per day shortens life. The permutations and
flexibility of "results" are very flexible. A meaningful
representation of longetivity is hours of illumination
given a specific cycling rate, ballast characteristics, and
bulb temp -- with 6 hours of burn per 24 hours, just about
any flo bulb will last 5-10 years.

I see on the website that they compare the longevity to
those paltry bulbs that only have a life of 3 months. Imo,
that is what in philosophy of language class we would call
be an example of vacuous comparison. In logic class, that
would have been an example of a straw man argument. People
in the USA live 80 times longer (than people than live only
1 year).

Especially illuminating on the website is the "Seeing is
believing" page 


where you can view some other bulb to one of the ones they
vend. That sold me. Otoh, I have increased the comparative
output of all my bulbs and it took no more than a few
minutes with photoshop.

They could be the real deal-- they could be perfectly fine
bulbs as flo bulbs go. The sales techniques leave me
squeamish. And all of that is just my opinion.

Scott H.
--- Berne Kairunas <berne at choiceaquariums_com> wrote:

> So here;s something that might be of great interest to
> ya'll out there 
> on the list - that is if some of you wanna do some
> homework.
> We had a sales rep come into our store today - selling
> lightbulbs.  
> Hah - little did he know what he was gettin into being
> used to selling 
> to regular retail outlets and offices and such.  Needless
> to say after 
> several minutes discussion on light color temp and such
> which i wont 
> bore you with... they claim to sell a SO Flourscent bulb
> that is 
> GUARANTEED to hold 95% of its origional spectrum and
> lumen output for 
> _____ 5 YEARS _____
> the bulbs are VERY pricy (wholesale about average to what
> you would see 
> as standard retail for lets say.. Hagen or All  Glass
> brand bulbs)  but 
> i'm still curious.
> The bulbs are a 5100K Full spec lamp, available in T8,
> T10 and T12 - 
> they also have screw in compacts available, regular PC,
> and a whole 
> host of other bulbs including HO/VHO.
> Sounds oh so tempting.. but i'm still skeptical.
> IF anyone has heard of these lamps or the company i'd be
> interested to 
> hear some feedback from yall on it.
> here's their website
> Maintence Engineering, LTD
> http://www.me-dtc.com/medtc_index.htm
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