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[APD] LFS review: Animalia, Peterborough, Ontario

I drove by this place while bringing an old car home and
vowed to go back; I did, twice, and couldn't fnd it. Yesterday
I went armed with mapquest directions... which were wrong
but got me close enough that some bigrig truck garage
could tell me where to find it.

Neat store. It's primary focus is reptiles so I've heard
and they had a well above average of things that crawl
and slither including some rooms (4) in the store, large
build for large aniumals: Burmese python (availabla for
birthday parties) a Nile Water monitor both about half
adult size and a couple ofher equally impressive looking
but (IMO) impractical pets.

As for fish, they had a lot, and of course the usual
stuff; prives seem average. What stuck out was: 3
types of killies (all Aplocehlus), an electric cat
a couple of different leaf fish, cacatuoides gold/red.

On and those filter feeding "rock" shrimp for $5 ea. Bonus;
I got a bunch. They're usually 2x-3x more than that.

Plantwise the only thing that stood out was ludwigia
of foms species I've never seen before and some retrospiralis
crypts that were stavgint to death in a display tank.

I managed to find some narrow leaf java fern and Bolbitis
heteroclita and grabbe those. 

It's definitly a palce you want to go to for marine and
pond stuff. I can't think or any stores that outdo it here.

Another interesting point it that the whole store seems
to be an exercise in DIY building from the indoor 1'
pond and waterfall to the sumps stuff, you can peek
at how it's done. Clever stuff.

They had like 6 large pendants hanging over thei plant
tank and when I peeked inside I notived they were to giant
45 compact fluprescent screwins. Huh.

They have every Sea CHem products for saltwater and not
one for freshwater.

They had an ineresting pond substrate that was 80% zoolite
and 20% Acinite (?). Anybody know anything about this stuff?

It's $20 for a fluorite sized bag.

901 Landsdowne St W
Peterborough, Ontario.
Behind Pizza Hut and Swiss Chalet,
a couple of blocks east of the Parkway on Hiway 7/
Lansdowne, not west of it as Mapquest says.

Open till 9 weeknights, till 5 on sunday.


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