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Re: [APD] anyone running T5's?

At 05:54 AM 6/6/2005 -0700, you wrote:
>T8s were designed to be used in office lighting -- to fill
>the need for energy conservation and less mercury. That
>huge commerical market is largely responsible for T8s
>becoming so inexpensive. 
>T5HOs, might make it into offices, but they aren't meant as
>T8 replacements are they?

No, but they fit into places t8s don't.

They're around at least. That T5 bulb in that IBM 1132
printer was about $100 and took a month to get circa '70.

THere's an ad in the current TFH on the inside back page for cheap T5/
CF and HQI systems. $49 for twin 55W CF in a strip light.


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