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[APD] Why not to bleach your plants

I don't like bleach and do not suggest folks even bother using it, why?
Take a good look at the leaves that were treated, they are burnt, ratty
looking, get holes, basically don't contribute much to the over health of
the plant, I just trim them. Many folks allow their BBA to get very bad
before doing anything.
At that point, better to trim the plants you have to the nub, buy cheapy
filler plants in the meantime to make up for all the plant biomass loss and
rotate them out as the other plants grow back in after you correct the
problem(eg low CO2).

Take a good look at the leaves that are affected after treatment.
Bleach is great for cleaning rocks/wood/equipment etc, but I do not think
it really "saves the leaves", it just makes it look better without trimming
for awhile. 

Tom Barr

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