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Re: [APD] Why not to bleach your plants

Maybe you're planting the chickens too deep. ;-)

Paul has been using the bleach bath for new plants for
quite some time and apparently with success as a
prophylactic against hair algae. 

Not a very good tratment for plants already in your
aquarium, the spores are already in the tank.

As a cleaning method, for removing stubborn stains that you
can't just shout out, I prefer trimming to bleaching too.
It's faster, doesn't requrie removal of the plant, no
worries about splilling anything on my clothes. And not
disturbing the roots seems like a good idea when you're
pruning off a bunch of leaves. Shock/disturb the algae as
much as possible as the plants as little as possible.

If you use a bleach bath, when you're done, don't throw the
plant out with the bathwater. 


--- Thomas Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net> wrote:
> I don't like bleach and do not suggest folks even bother
> using it, why?
> Take a good look at the leaves that were treated, they
> are burnt, ratty
> looking, get holes, basically don't contribute much to
> the over health of
> the plant, I just trim them. Many folks allow their BBA
> to get very bad
> before doing anything.
> At that point, better to trim the plants you have to the
> nub, buy cheapy
> filler plants in the meantime to make up for all the
> plant biomass loss and
> rotate them out as the other plants grow back in after
> you correct the
> problem(eg low CO2).
> Take a good look at the leaves that are affected after
> treatment.
> Bleach is great for cleaning rocks/wood/equipment etc,
> but I do not think
> it really "saves the leaves", it just makes it look
> better without trimming
> for awhile. 
> Regards, 
> Tom Barr
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