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[APD] RE: Jerry clay hydro balls

Well what do you know? Here you go:

> We grow Peace Lilies in fairly low light.  (under Ficus and other tall
> tropicals in a 55% shade cloth covered greenhouse)  Root rot isn't
> caused by insufficient light.  It's caused by insufficient oxygenation
> of the roots.  Anaerobic conditions develop and the roots rot.  I've
> seen this happen to Peace Lilies fairly rapidly.  Even in betta bowls
> when the roots are just suspended in water, they rot rapidly because
> there is no oxygenation.  Instead of gravel, I would use something
> more porous as a media, IE lava rock or porous ceramic balls.  Also,
> what is the temperature?  Cool temps will contribute to root rot.
> Nick Ternes
> Port Washington, WI

Tom Barr

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