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[APD] RE: kids and veggies

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> Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 10:27:08 -0700 (PDT)
> From: John Brekken <jbrekken1 at yahoo_com>
> Subject: Re: [APD] Re: refugium
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> I worry about houseplants being toxic.  Is this a
> concern?
> On: 
> http://www.briansgarden.com/questions/010216q.html
> I found:
> Yes, the Peace Lily, also commonly named Spathe Flower
> or White Flag (Spathiphyllum spp. ) and their
> cultivars are known to be toxic, especially to
> children.

They have sold them as Brazilian swords for about 2 decades for
aquariums(non true aquatic, eg cannot live permanently submersed) and for
betta bowls and house plants for many decades.
Do you have bleach? Electrical devices near water(biggest issue for kids
and aquariums)? 
What about the fertilizers? We do want to minimize the dangers certainly

Kids will not eat a peace lily, eating green leafy vegetables is *against
kid's religion*.
I had fish tanks when I was 7 years old. I had plants right off.
No way would I ever think it looked tasty. Kids can be weird, but not

Try and serve duckweed, pennywort, brine shrimp or flake food sometime(all
edible), I promise, they will never try anything near the fish tank. I was
9 when I tried brine shrimp (I thought it was water in the thaw cup that
was identical to the brine cup, got a big swig). My parents put Bourbon
candy all over the house(A Kentucky thing, a cruel trick to any
unsuspecting kids looking for a quick chocolate mainline buzz). Pennywort
is served is many places and is one of the most popular eaten aquatic weed.
Taste, well, like it smells.....trim it and you'll know.......

Tom Barr

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