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Re: [APD] 2 more tedious compressed gas set up questions

I don't know how difficult it is to get the solenoid off of
the the Mil package. It should be threaded on with only a
reasonable amount of torque and, therfore removable.

As far as need, no, you definitely do not need a pH
controller. You can run the CO2 24-7 or you can use the
solenoid to run the CO2 only when the lights are on --
instead of plugging it into a pH controller plug it into
the lights timer. Or you can plug the solenoid into a
separate timer and have the CO2 run an hour or so ahead of
the lights and go off in the late afternoon or an hour or
so ahead of lights off. 

You won't get pH swings wider than than about 0.2 units
with any of these methods.

Have plants, have fun,
Scott H.
--- Darrell Fennell <dkfennell at yahoo_com> wrote:
> After a morning unsuccessfully trying to buy regulator
> from an unbelievably hostile welding shop supply store
> employee (who evidently believed that compressed CO2
> was intended by God only for welding uses), I decided
> to give up and ask the group:
> 1.  Do I really need a pH controller?
> 2.  If not, and I order the Milwaukee set up (both of
> which I hope you approve), what do I do with the
> solenoid?  Take it off?  Does it come off this set up?
> Thanks in advance,
> Darrell Fennell
> P.S.  I realize that there is probably an answer to
> this in the archives, but I have spent so much time
> reading contradictory advise on the subject, and
> having talked to this salesman (who is as adept at
> customer relations as I am in setting up this gas tank
> system), if I don't plunge in soon I'm going to talk
> myself out of the whole thing.
> Thanks again,
> dkf
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