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[APD] Plant Fest 2K5

I have started reserving spots for those wanting to do this year's plant
If you are interested, please contact me.

Several folks come back year after year, so that might tell you it's fun,
you get all sorts of goodies and all the UV rays from being outside kills
all that BBA back hair you might (or might not) have.

It seems there is not going to be any AGA event this year, but Plant Fest
will be as scheduled. So if you want to do something a bit more active than
listening to speakers, seek inspiration from nature, come on down.

We will have a nice tour of Everglades plant nursery and we will be able to
purchase some plants, there are 2 high quality driftwood and petrified wood
vendors and of course lots of weeds all along the road side ditches. There
will be a speaking event at Tampa's Aquarium society that is located in
their public Aquarium which is quite nice as well.

>From there, if folks chose, they can come on down to Florida Keys and do
some snorkeling and collecting and learn about Marine plants. If you are
interested in doing a marine planted tank, this is the best place on earth
to learn how. Hard to pass up a tropical island.....

Tonight I will formalize the itinerary more and we will post the info on a
web site.
Tom Barr

3rd annual Plant Fest July 8-14th 2005!
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