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Re: [APD] Plant Fest 2K5 -- AGAin there will be a contest.

No AGA Convention in 2005 but the AGA Aquascaping Contest
will occur as usual. Only the AGA convention has been
deferred until 2006.

AGA relies on local clubs to host and produce the
conventions -- having the same people do it year after year
only shrinks the ranks of the all volunteer AGA, either by
resignation or sheer exhaustion or, it has been rumored,
utter lunacy.

Although several clubs expressed interest in hosting an AGA
convention in 2005 (inlcuding one from Canada!) and one was
actively developing a proposal, it became clear by the end
of March that no reasonable human effort could have things
ready in time to produce a 2005 convention.

We are expecting big things for 2006.

If your aquatic plant club is interested in hosting an AGA
convention in 200 whatever, you can contact me offlist and
I'll send you the Guidelines.

Scott H.

--- Thomas Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net> wrote:
> It seems there is not going to be any AGA event this
> year, but Plant Fest
> will be as scheduled. 

The American Cichlid Association Annual Convention
Just the biggest aquarium hobby convention of the year (would Texas have it any other way?)
Ft. Worth, Texas July 21-24   http://www.aca2005.org/
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