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Re: [APD] Excel = Barley/maple extract?

On 4/29/05, Daniel Larsson <defdac at hotmail_com> wrote: 
> The press release "Are fish made of Maple leaves":
> http://www.ecostudies.org/press/fish_maple_leaves.html
> and the rave about simple sugars as DOC-source for aquatic
> plants and algae killer (Seachem Excel) made me think.

 This article is about the uptake of carbon in baking soda by plants in a 
lake. THey don't mention dissolved organic carbon. Not surprising, if you 
throw labeled sodium bicarbonate in a lake, the carbon turns up in plants 
and lower level animals. 

Barley propaganda:
> http://www.barleyworld.org/barleystraw/straw.pdf

 That one is interesting. It says that DOC produced by the decomposition of 
barley in the presence of both oxygen and light causes the formation of 
oxygen atoms that then form hydrogen peroxide in the water. The authors 
postulate that the peroxide kills algae, based on studies of peroxide and 
algae. They also indicate that when algae is suppressed then plant growth is 
enhanced, *not* that when plant growth is enhanced then algae is suppressed.

Anyone tried barley extract in a non-CO2 tank? 
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