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[APD] Excel = Barley/maple extract?

The press release "Are fish made of Maple leaves":
and the rave about simple sugars as DOC-source for aquatic
plants and algae killer (Seachem Excel) made me think.

Maple leaves releasing carbohydrates. Barley straw 
releasing carbohydrates/DOC and "killing algae". 
Seachem Excel.

Barley propaganda:

"No direct effect of straw on aquatic vascular plants has 
been found in either laboratory or field experiments. 
However, in several trials where straw has successfully 
controlled algae, there has been a noticeable increase in 
the growth of submerged vascular plants."

Good source of carbon = Happy plants = Less algae.

"If snake oil x was such a good algae killer, company y 
would have made it comercially available long time ago!"... 


// Daniel.

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