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Re: [APD] Visiting Seattle & Portland areas....... any good LFS to visit?

Two newer shops to try:

The World of Wet Pets:
The shop hours are 10 to 7 Mon thru Sat, 11 to 5 on Sunday.
It is located on Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy (Hwy 10) at NW Apple Way, right
next door to Jesuit H.S. Actual address is 8542 SW Apple Way, Beaverton, OR.
Phone number is (503)292-SWIM.

It is formerly called "Peet's Aqarium," but is under new 
ownership/management (hence the term "new-ish"). It is on SE Division at 
37th, and is right next door to Metro Pets (a Herp shop). The sign outside 
there still says "Peet's."

I haven't been to either of these two places, but the first one is run
by the former manager of the Wet Spot (which is the first place I'd
recommend) and should be good.
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