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Re: [APD] Re: dirt, moderate CO2, and moderate light

Hey, It's Roger! 

Nice to see you "slummin'" on APD ;-) Always good to here
from you.

I do sort of disagree on one point, which is this, I don't
wonder why anyone bothers with planted tanks. I can't see
why more folks don't do planted tanks. I predict that many
more will.  ;-)

Scott H.

--- Roger Miller <roger at spinn_net> wrote:

. . .
> Please don't use the subject of posts to Diana's forum at
> AB as an indicator
> of problems with her method.  Sites like AquaBotanic
> exist mostly to help
> people with problems, so the posts are about problems. 
> Its the same for the
> general forums and for the forums that concentrate on
> more technical topics. 
> It's as true at APC as it is at AB.  In fact, it's true
> of APD.  Judging from
> the content of letters here one might wonder why anyone
> tries to grow plants
> in aquariums.

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