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[APD] External co2 Reactors/Flow Reduction

Hi Everyone,

Before the Easter Weekend, I was lamenting my problem using an external co2 reactor on the intake side of a canister filter. Scott Hieber had kindly replied, "What model Eheim are you using? What's the media in the filter?"

In my 20L, I have an Eheim Ecco 2231 (rated for up to 35g tanks/127gph with standard Ecco coarse pad/sintered glass/fine pad) that wasn't able to keep up?the flow was a sad trickle by the end of the reactor body. I even tried shortening the reactor from 12? to about 6". I tried this on the outflow side with similar results. Here are two thumbnail pics:


In the July-Sept ?04 issue of the AGA journal, Ghazanfar Ghori wrote about excellent results with an external reactor on the intake side of his Eheim 2026 (up to 92g tanks/172 gph) on his 75g tank.

Reggie Bustinza from this forum has a beautiful 29g tank with a very effective external reactor on the OUT-flow side using an Eheim Pro 2224 (up to 75g tanks/185 GPH).

This gph difference between the three setups above and their tank size has me confused why my results are so different. Fuzzy mathmatics?

I want to use this method instead of my internal reactor because the noise from my Rio90 is too loud in my shoebox-sized apartment. And because I'm intrigued by the dissolution Ghazanfar describes and results which I've seen in Reggie?s tank.

I don't mind paying for another canister (I will use the old one on another tank) but have an AWFUL record of bad luck when I think I've ?purchased a solution" to a problem. Based on the examples above, what would be the best specs for my setup? I know I could buy the biggest filter out there, but hoped you folks could make some recommendations?or please, let me know if I missed the point somewhere as usual :-)


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