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[APD] Wall o' Plants

Hi Liz,

I grow h. difformis on black plastic eggcrate. I made strips of the eggcrate about an inch wide (two squares) and the vertical length of the sheet of eggcrate, and siliconed them to the sides of the tank. Then the sheets of eggcrate are attached to the strips using electrical zip-ties. This provides a space behind the eggcrate so you can slip the stems of the plants into it. I also use that space for my return pipe plumbing. The black plastic eggcrate is the same as the white stuff you can get at Home Depot, only black. It's usually a special order item from a plastics or lighting supplier.


That tank is in the process of converting to goldfish and they enjoy the (mostly) bare substrate to rummage around in.

That photo is at Tom Barr's site, so if there are too many hits I guess Tom can shut it off. (Or you can make a donation.)


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