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[APD] Downoi-Pogostemon helferi-multiple stems available

Hi everyone,
I did a major prune on my trio of 30 gallon Amano style cube tanks. I have
about 25 nice stems of Downoi, Pogostemon  helferi, available for anyone
interested. These are not small. Many are 4 inches or taller, and some have
side shoots.

$10 each and $5 shipping, USPS Priority Mail, United States.  Order 3 stems
or more and pay $8 each. Of course, no additional shipping for more than one
stem. Now is a great time to ship plants, as it is not too hot or cold in
many areas of the country.

I'd like to get as many mailed on Monday for Wednesday/Thursday delivery if
there is interest.

Please pm me at grim1214 at bellsouth_net with any questions, or if you just
want to order one or more my PayPal ID is the same.


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