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[APD] Re: Water Changes for a non-CO2 Tank

Scott commented, in part::

"Did you have dirt tank?  Without the dirt, and the dirt
method has its good and bad points, it's not uncommon to
need to add ferts, depending on the fishload, plant load,
light level, blah blah. So whether it's a tank with or
without added CO2, you have to watch the plants and adjust accordingly, just
like you did."

Yes, it did and does have "dirt", lots of it, like my other tanks.  I
corresponded with Ms. Walstad both on her forum at AB and personally, and
she was fairly adamant that fish food, even to excess, was better than
dosing, and she was quite adamant about that.

Like a lot of things, I guess you had to be there.

But anyway, using a test kit on non-CO2 tanks can be helpful on occasion
when problems develop, which was my point.


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