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[APD] Co2 Reactors - specific questions about flow

Hi everyone,

In my 20L, I setup an external rector inline with my Eheim canister but the filter just wasn't able to push the water/gas mixture and water would barely trickle through...I tried this on both sides of the canister with same results. I then setup a internal reactor like many of you use (Tom's gravel vac/viewtainers recipe) with a Rio90 pump but it is so loud in my tiny apartment that I can't stand it anymore. And at the end of the day, the internal reactor is full of gas with only 1" of bubbling water at the bottom. Again, the gas/water isn't mixing around like I see in photos of tanks online. I don't think I'm getting the best out of my pressurized co2.

A friend of mine has no problem with external reactors because his canister filter is rated for a much larger tank than he actually has - the filter has more than enough power to mix the water/gas with no flow reduction. So...

1. Those of you using an external reactor - did you find your canister was not powerful enough and what did you do about it? I would much rather use this method if possible.

2. Those of you with internal reactors - what brands are super-quiet or how did you get around the noise issue? Also, why does the gas fill up 3/4 of the tube instead of constantly staying full and mixing the bubbles?

Thanks very much.

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