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Re: [APD] Co2 Reactors - specific questions about flow

I know this is heresy but I have my CO2 (pressurized) attached to a
ceramic bubbler in my 55G.  I lose a tiny amount of CO2 through
undissolved bubbles but the majority of it dissolves.  As to whether
it works efficiently all I can say is I can watch the pH drop 0.4
units in less than 2 hours after a water change.

Ceramic bubblers (I think the one in the tank is a rena) are much
heavier and produce much finer bubbles than others -- pore size is
close to scintered glass -- and while they are more expensive than
other bubblers they are cheaper than scintered glass "reactors".  I'm
using the longest one I could find which is in the neighborhood of 6"
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