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Re: [APD] Sagittaria Subulata For Sale

Kevin Sheller wrote:

I have removed a few bunches of Sagittaria Subulata from my thriving
75-gallon tank. A lot of it has grown 16" tall or more. I'm selling batches
of 10 plants, both tall and short for $12.00 -- this includes shipping to
wherever you are in the United States or Canada.

Email me and let me know if you'd like short or tall (or a mix).


I can see why this plant is considered invasive. Here it is in my freshly set up aquarium 9 months ago (it's amazing how young my tiger barbs look).

and here it is today!!

<http://ecwh.yi.org/plants/Sagittaria subulata.jpg>

Is this stuff is worth $? I've just been trashing it. I'm likely going to do a large purge soon. I'd like to trade with someone and get some variation.

Anyone know how to help my poor plant in the foreground? It's the same that shows in the right foreground in the first photo "Aquarium.jpg". Hard to believe they are the same plant. It did well, until I deprived it of light by neglecting to clip taller plants for a couple months. I loved it so much when it's in it's prime. I moved it out front to an exclusive area where it is now for better light. It's dying.... Although, it seems to sprout a new fresh leaf the day after each %25+ water change. It's leaves were originally round, thick and green when I first aquired it. You can see it changing in the original photo the leaves changed to an elongated shape and favoring towards a dark red. It's new leaves today are tiny and deep red, but weak and transparent so far. Here is a better pic of just it in it's current form:


I've never added solid ferts before for roots, but I'm thinking it might help but I always choke on the price from the LFS. I'd have to roll my own if I were to do that.

I wish I new what it's name is. Anyone care to id it?

- Chris.
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