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[APD] Lighting for 10 gallon using mini-compacts


I've been trying to look for good lighting for my 10
gallon planted tank for some time now. And I know most
of you would probaby say, that's simple just order a
CF from AHSupply. Well sadly, I don't have the skills
to build the enclosure or do the wiring. So I started
to think about alternatives. I've recently stumbled
across this site where they were selling 

"All Glass Mini Compact Bulb"

These are 10 Watt CF bulbs are built specifically for
live aquatic plants at 6500K temps. At $5 a piece, I
think that's pretty decent. I was thinking of getting
2 of these bulbs and sticking them in:

All-Glass Economy Full Hood

So for $30 or so I think I could get pretty good
lighting without the hassle of building your own
lighting fixtures. 

What do you guys think? Do you think this will work?



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