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Re: [APD] Plants for ambient light--is there such a thing?

  This depends on what the killies are as well, and how they were
raised.  I keep the following killies, and they do fine in
(relatively) bright tanks: Fundulopanchax gardneri "Misaje" (I have
lots to get rid of ;) ), Fundulopanchax sjoestedti, Epiplatys
lamottei,  Rivulus tenuis "Papaloapam", Aplocheilus lineatus, and
Aphyosemion celia winifredae "Ebonji".  I've also kept numerous
others, some nothos other aphyos etc, so far the only ones that didn't
like bright light were Aphyosemion sp. "Lobaye".
  Their tanks are lit with typical striplights, and planted with the
following plants:  Crypt affinis, Sagitaria subulata, Java Fern, Java
Moss, Water Sprite, Anubias nana and coffeefolia, Marble Queen,
Ozelot, and an Unknown Sword, Rotala indica, and Hygro (sunset I
  If the room is bright, Water Sprite will work well.  Java Moss and
Java Fern also.

Nick Ternes
Port Washington, WI

On Sun, 20 Mar 2005 20:20:02 -0500 (EST), Richard J. Sexton
<richard at aquaria_net> wrote:
> >I am setting up a small aquarium- 2.5 gal. for a pair of killies, and
> >would like to have some live plants in it.  I am planning on only
> >ambient light, because that's what I understand most killies like.  What
> >plants would be O.K. in this situation?  Java moss? Anubias? Java Fern?
> >Others?  Or is it not possible?
> Depends on your definition of ambient light.
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