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Re: [APD] Plants for ambient light--is there such a thing?

>I am setting up a small aquarium- 2.5 gal. for a pair of killies, and 
>would like to have some live plants in it.  I am planning on only 
>ambient light, because that's what I understand most killies like.  What 
>plants would be O.K. in this situation?  Java moss? Anubias? Java Fern? 
>Others?  Or is it not possible?

Depends on your definition of ambient light. Java moss actually likes
a little more than Anubias and crypts and crypts seem to do the best
of all of these in near darkness.

C. "Lucens" [1] is a nice one for tanks like these. It's also a good indicator
plant too. If the leaves start to droop it's time to fertilize it and/or
change water; they should be fairly erect. The worse shape they're in the
more they curl up. Really badly taken care of and they'll just keep putting
out smaller and smaller leaves until there's nothing but a lump of rhizome
with a shoot. Plant that in a better tank and it'll grow up all nice
and big and strong.

You can often find these bits and pieces of cryptocorynes in store
tanks and they're usually happy to give them away.

[1] Lucens is actually one of the many forms of the naturally ocurring hybrid
C. x "willissii", and is the old "C. nevillii".


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