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Re: [APD] low-cost nano tank source?

I have a friend who just started up an online aquarium store. His
specialty is doing custom acrylic work.  I am sure he could make you
an acrylic tank of any size. I am really a fan of acrylic rather than
glass.  You can drill wherever you want for bulkheads etc. and
scratches buff out pretty easily.  Here is a link to a 7g nano we made
together (he let me help).  We attached a small box on the back for
overflow to a sump and two returns, each with a small segment of
lockline.  I didn't want an internal overflow because I wanted as
little clutter in the tank as possible.  I thought it turned out well.


All of his stuff is made of cell cast acrylic and he puts euro-tops on
everything. I am sure he could throw one together for you really
cheap. Anyway, he has his email address on that site if you are
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