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RE: [APD] RE: CO2 and tap water

> 	I knew that groundwater was probably supersaturated with CO2. My
> point is, while the water sits in the water tower, any gasses above the
> saturation level evolve. These towers are not under pressure, and in the
> summer time, are probably warmer than most aquariums.

I thought it was well water and pumped out. Now it's in an open tower?
Or did I miss that part?(Entirely possible)
> 	I have to agree with Mr. Barr, that there is probably something else
> in the tap water that we are not supplying to our plants. I don't think it
> is CO2, because many of us raise the CO2 level higher than is in the water
> from our tap, as evidenced by the lower pH in the tanks. It may be PO4, or
> it may be some other nutrient.

PO4 is the only nutrient that will drive pearling if it's limited in a
plant tank dramatically in a short time frame.
I'm talking 20-45 minutes.

No other nutrient will cause that to occur that rapidly. 
If temp and offgassing are accounted for with CO2, then it's PO4.

I'd suggest adding a touch more CO2 anyway to see so you can rule that out
just in case. 

Tom Barr 

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