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Re: CO2 or just Carbon? (RE: [APD] To pearl or not to pearl...)

>   You wrote:
>> I add water and the added CO2 promotes perling
>> in two ways: one, the added CO2 causes the plant give off more O2,
>> and since the water is now much more saturated with o2 than before
>> the O2 more readily comes out of solution in form of a bubble.
>Well, I'm still confused. I wonder if my increased photosynthesis is solely
>attributable to the presence of dissolved CO2.

Sure. You have 32 feet of water (heavy) pressurizing the whole mess. Under
that pressure (think pop bottle) atmospheric gases are in solution at
a greater rate than at normal pressure.

There's an easy demonstration of this you can do if you have a python.
Hook python up. Close valve at far end. Turn water on. Wait a few seconds,
open valve. I get a mist, and then white water that's 50% bubbles utterly
supersaturted with gasses, then it settles doen.

>Is there a mechanism whereby the Carbon (or maybe some other element?) from
>the minerals in the water is being utilized to directly or indirectly
>stimulate the growth process?

Yeah, it's called biogenic decalcification according to the Dupla
book and it's a damn ugly process accordning to me. It leaves
carbonates all over the plants. I see it in newly set up tanks
here frequently.

Changing water with well water and adding soda water to a 
brightly lit tank with both make plants perl from the added co2.


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