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RE: [APD] RE: CO2 and tap water

Tom Barr wrote;

	"Ultimately it's coming from the rainwater that seep through the
soil, as it does this, bacteria in the soil give off lots of CO2 which is
imparted to the water, this gas cannot escape to the air above as the water
seeps deeper into the ground water table. Caves and formations are formed
due to this acidic CO2 laden water and most all well water is rich in CO2.
This is where the CO2 is from: soil bacteria as the water passes through the
ground. Cold water holds more gas (all gases, not just CO2 or O2). So when
you warm it up, it outgasses. 

	Most ground water and tap is much colder than folk's tanks. So
there's some effect there."


	"I'd suggest to ignore the O2 super saturation effect from the tap
and assume the CO2/PO4 is causing it."

My response:

	I knew that groundwater was probably supersaturated with CO2. My
point is, while the water sits in the water tower, any gasses above the
saturation level evolve. These towers are not under pressure, and in the
summer time, are probably warmer than most aquariums.

	I have to agree with Mr. Barr, that there is probably something else
in the tap water that we are not supplying to our plants. I don't think it
is CO2, because many of us raise the CO2 level higher than is in the water
from our tap, as evidenced by the lower pH in the tanks. It may be PO4, or
it may be some other nutrient.
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