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[APD] AGA workshop banquet

You get to voice your preference again! We are trying to put together a bid for the next workshop to be in San Francisco and we have to choose between two types of banquet:

1. Typical nice hotel banquet, cost about $55, prime rib or salmon or chicken, yada yada yada

2. Chinese festive banquet, a high-end banquet has fowl and fish (no beef or pork), about 10 dishes chosen from Cold appetizer,
Hot and sour soup or good shark fin or birds nest or sizzling rice or bitter melon,
Chinese chicken salad,
Crispy chicken,
Peking Duck,
Steamed oysters,
Shrimp and walnuts,
Long beans and scallops or musee pork in lettuce or pancake wrap,
Mushrooms w/ vegetables and tofu,
Whole flounder or maybe rock cod,
Dessert lychee or almond gelatin or black bean pudding

Given these choices, which would you pick? If you would rather tell me non-publicly feel free to reply off-list to me directly. And the reason for your choice would be quite helpful.

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