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Re: [APD] Alligator

I wouldn't imagine keeping one in a home would be advisable.  Mostly
because it would require such a large tank.  I suppose if you have a
basement you are willing to dedicate to the little guy you might be
able to pull it off with a REALLY big tank.

You could make a tank out of 4- 4'x8' sheets of acrylic (probably 1"
thick) and you would have a suitable 480g tank measuring 8' long x 4'
deep x 2' high (with euro-top).  Would be expensive but would also be
cool as heck!  I think it would still outgrow that size tank, but it
would take a while... perhaps you could donate him to a zoo when he
gets too big.

Where do you live?  I know someone who does custom acrylic work... he
would probably cut you a good deal simply because he would think it
was freakin awesome.
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