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[APD] Re: photography

Shawn said:

"That is one of the reasons why photography is an art form.  We have
already heard about people using bright blue light and red light on the
plants to make them punch up.  These lighting gimmicks are commonplace
in the photography world.  As are dodging and burning (digital/analog),
grain reduction, balance, contrast, blemish editing.  Tricks are used

The one item of contention that really struck me was the notion that a
photograph is a representation of reality.  This concept was discarded
by the art community decades ago.  Really, this hasn't been part of the
discussion since before I was born, and I'm not that young.  Now if you
are using the photograph to document an aquascape, I can understand
wanting to put limits on the manipulation.  But even with those limits,
believing that a photograph is a truthful representation of reality is

Which was the point I made orginally regarding red color.
I question the notion of reality in the images and some folks get all squirrlely and defensive.

"In conclusion, I think that enhancement v. manipulation has really been
blown out of proportion lately.  A photograph is not truthful.  It never
has been truthful.  However, most of the problematic "manipulation" is
very obvious to those who know what the signs are.  I think we can take
comfort in the difficulty of fooling those with skills in the digital
 Shawn Richardson

Well said.
So is the plant really that red/green?
Come over and see and then folks will know.
Or else try and grow it and through your own experiements, then you will know.
Playing with an image is far from taboo and should be encouraged/explored. 

Tom Barr

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