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[APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 19, Issue 25

"Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 11:16:06 -0800
From: "The Dragon Hunter" <dragon_hunter at dragons-realm.net>
Subject: Re: [APD] Legal plants?

Dunno about the others, but Water Hyacinth is available all over here as
well, even at petco.  (Southern California)  Same with Water Lettuce (which
my gouramis LOVE to eat the roots off of...thankfully its cheap)"

Water hyacinth is popular pond plant, so they allow it even though it's the second, if not the worst weed problem in the delta in CA. Economics play a role. Water lettuce should NOT be sold in the state of CA. It is a Q rate weed. 

Tom Barr
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