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Re: [APD] RE: getting the red out

--- Liz Wilhite <satirica at gmail_com> wrote:
> And not all those reds can be accounted for by Photoshop,
> either.

Certainly not. Many of those contest tanks, if seen in
person, are even more breathtaking than a photograph can

>  I
> don't think anyone here would like to go on record as
> suggesting that
> most of the photos submitted for the AGA contest have
> been
> Photoshopped.

I would. At least I'd like to suggest that they *should*
have been. There are certain flaws, er, characteristics of
digital photography that beg for correction.

Many of the adjustments one might make are much the same as
one might make in film photography, dodge & burn, brushing
defects, not to mention adjusting the contrast, brightness,
color saturation, etc. With film processing, the latter
items are done by the developer and the amatuer
photographer takes whatever she or he gets from the lab,
unless they preview the negatives or transparencies and
make special requests. Digital processing is simply much
more accessible to amatuer photographers than film
processing, giving the photographer more control over the
finished product.

I don't think any photos in the AGA contest are deceptively
altered (e.g., a green plant changed to red). Surely,
better trained eyes than mine can notice some of the
post-production work. And certainly, if a fish appears to
be cut in half, we can imagine that this was the work of
something on the computer and not soimething in the
aquarium the aquarium. But I think any winner in any of the
AGA contests would be happy to have her or his tanks viewed
in person.

> I have noticed that if I let my NO3 levels drop a bit and
> slightly
> raise levels of traces that the plants display "pinker"
> reds with
> plant growth 

Sounds interesting. Have you tired just doing one or the
other to assess the relative impact?


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