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Re: [APD] Those brilliant reds

Be nice if someone had enough info to give a well
substantiated and definitive answer to this quesiton.

There seems to be lots of confusion in this area. Some
plants jsut aren't red and some plants tend to grow only
that way or mostly that way.

Part of the confusion might be due to folks getting diff
results with diff techniques because they actually have
different plants being sold or traded under the same latin

For many stem plants that redden, they do it most where
they are closest to the light -- possibly a function of
young leaves and perhaps also the brighter light, the red
coloring serving to protectd from "sunburn". For many of
the Echinodorus that have red leaves (Ozelot, the pretty
plant  being passed around as Kleiner Bar that's much too
big to be Kleiner Bar, Victoria, rubin, etc.), the mature
leaves lose their redness.

Good luck with all the answers you're bound to get. No one
seems to have a definitive answer to your question. If they
think they do, they're probably a damn fool or a liar -- of
course, no reason they couldn't be both. ;-)

Have plants, have fun,
Scott H.

--- Liz W <satirica at gmail_com> wrote:
> How do you get those brilliant reds that are in
> photographs of the
> really gorgeous  Dutch tanks?  I know that the color of a
> fluorescent
> will affect the appearance of color, but that couldn't
> account for the
> glowing magentas and screaming scarlets I see.  I've read
> that
> lowering NO3 levels is the key, raising the light level
> is the key,
> changing micronutrient mix is the key -- everything
> appears to be the
> key.  So I thought I'd ask for some competent advice.
> Thanks,
> Liz
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