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[APD] Re:Treatment for BGA in a non planted tank

This (EM) also works in a marine tank for red slime, Cyano.
KNO3 additions are not going to a help a AF rift tank.
Some mainteance will and a simple blackout will kill it.

Any non planted tank can kill any algae with a blackout.

Cost?= 0.00$$
Then do some water changes(I suggest large weekly change) and clean the filter and maintain reasonable fish loads for your maintenance routine.

Algae does not come back unless you don't maintain things. 
I've never had a bloom in AF rift tank. 
I've only seem it in a very negelected tank.

If you feel chemical treatment is needed, try potassium permangnate or copper. They work well. 
So does a balckout, less light, turning the light on only when you need it etc.
You have a ton of options for control method since there are no plants.

KNO3 + blackout of EM is for planted tank treatment............this is a planted tank discussion forum so that context is the mian focus. 

Many believe the large weekly water changes are excessive, uneeded etc.
In some cases for more advanced folks they are. But they don;t hurt and for most folks, it's one single simple thing that really help improve fish health and water quality.

Even a non planted tank can use a plant filter in the external portion.
There's no tank that cannot use and gain some benefit from plants.
You can place them in the filter and grow them emergent like a refugium etc for Saltwater.

You can add CaCl2, MgSO4, K2SO4, dolomite, CaCO3 to a AF rift fish tank, you'lll find these are quite high and they are plant nutrients...............mainly GH components. Plants like those as well as higher KH's generally.

Tom Barr


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