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Re: [APD] Re: Ideal Lights

>"Algae do better with blue light"Dang, there goes my hope that some new
8800K PC lamps might harass the GD algae. Where'd you read that?"Plants need
more red than blue"I thought plants had two kinds of chlorophyll, one uses
blue and the other red?

I can't remember. Somewhere on the net.

One of the things I dug up was there's a scientific paper that
describes how two species of Medditeranean cyanobaceria have
evolved so that one is red and obe is blue; they each use different
parts of the spctrum as a way of coping with competition.

But that wasn't where I read the "algae prefer blue" thing.

If you look at the phptosynthetic absorbtion curve of chlor A+b
the red it much bigger than the blue. But, pants have more
photosynthetic pigments than jist chlor A+b...


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