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Re: [APD] BGA --

--- Chris Hotte <ecwh at cogeco_ca> wrote:

> >I think fish caught in the wild or raised on large
> >commercial "farms" are routinely treated with an
> antibiotic
> >or two as a prophylaxis.

> That is one thing I definitly do not like. The routine
> use of 
> antibiotics to improve profitability. Antibiotics given
> to all the 
> animal products in the off chance that some of them have
> infections. 
> Blanket dosing is just the cheapest way to improve the
> overall harvest. 

It's not just a practice to protectd the harvest. I belive
it can also be a requirement imposed as a condition for
being allowed transport of the harvest across borders.

> But it raises the question. Where did the BGA come from?.
> Where did it 
> get it's foothold on my tank in the first place? Is it a
> common dormant 
> free floating bacterium that springs to life in the right
> environment? 

I'd put some money on that.

> Is my aquarium really separeate from the rest of the
> environment?

Only if hermetically sealed and kept in a mayonnaise on
Funk and Wagnall's porch. ;-)

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