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Re: [APD] Re: BGA Advice

--- Chris Hotte <ecwh at cogeco_ca> wrote:

> >
> You'd have to get a whole lot of KNO3 for it to be
> usefully destructive.

Yep. But don't tell me. Tell Home Depot ;-)  right after
9/11 it was removed from shelves and pretty much dropped
from inventory. And some that carried were wondering if
there'd be any special hassels when they tried to ship the
stuff and so decided against.

YOu can find it more easily now than then, but it's another
one of those things that ain't like the olds days.

> I got KNO3 as part of my purchases to make PMDD. It was
> $3 for 500 grams.

Lucikly, it's doggone cheap if you don't buy dissolved and
in a bottle :-)

> I've never used it separately, but think I might start.

Being able to add it separately let's one adjust.

> My plants are 
> looking kind of hagard...never gotten them showroom
> perfect before.  I 
> don't know what trick I'm overlooking.  *sigh*

Could be winter doldrums . . .


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