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Re: [APD] Re: BGA Advice

S. Hieber wrote:

--- Nick Wilhite <nickw at rpeinc_net> wrote:

KNO3 can also be found at your local hardware store in
the form of Greenlite Stump Remover.

Stump remover is not as easily found at hardware stores
since 9/11. At least around here, when it is available, it
tends to be more expensive than buying from Greg,
especially if you have any other items to include in the
order to share the shippings costs.

You'd have to get a whole lot of KNO3 for it to be usefully destructive.
I got KNO3 as part of my purchases to make PMDD. It was $3 for 500 grams.

I've never used it separately, but think I might start. My plants are looking kind of hagard...never gotten them showroom perfect before. I don't know what trick I'm overlooking. *sigh*

- Chris.
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